Mediation is a structured, interactive process which helps disputing parties resolve their conflict. It’s catered to two people up to big groups. An impartial mediator uses various techniques to improve dialogue and empathy between disputants, aiming to get clarity about their needs, desires and interests. The goal is to find a way out of ingrained patterns of communication and to reach an agreement that is suitable for everyone.

As a mediator I follow the ethical self-conception of the Federal Association Mediation e.V. (BM):

Mediation is appropriate when conflicting parties are having difficulties resolving their dispute and want guidance in finding their own solutions. An important precondition is that the participants opt for mediation voluntarily. A facilitator who uses mediative methods can also be useful as a preventive measure when different interests meet.
During the preliminary talk we figure out together whether mediation is the right procedure for your concern.

  1. As a first step one party gets in touch with me by phone or email and we set an appointment for the preliminary talk. During this 30-minute conversation all the disputing parties are present (online or offline). You tell me what brought you to me and see if mediation is the right procedure to help you. Also you can ask all of your questions and get a first impression of how I work. The preliminary talk is nonbinding and free of charge.

  2. As a second step all conflict parties meet for a first session and can describe the dispute from their perspective. Step by step we work out the needs and interests that lie behind the dispute. In some cases this can be done quickly, in others it can take several sessions.

  3. As a third step the parties look for solutions. The goal is to reach a mutual agreement which leads to a clear improvement for everyone involved. This is recorded in writing in a final agreement. However there are cases where no agreement can be reached. But even then, mediation brings clarity and supports the disputing parties to widen their course of action and to feel more in charge of the situation.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic the mediation sessions preferably take place online. As soon as face-to-face mediation is possible again, the sessions will be in an office in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin. For workshops, team mediation and process consulting I`m also happy to visit you.

Usually a mediation for two people takes three to five sessions of 1,5 hours each, but this can vary. For teams and groups one or two days or several short meetings can be expected. We agree on a time frame together before starting the mediation.

The costs are usually shared equally by the disputing parties. I`m happy to tell you the fees during the preliminary talk.

Mediation is suitable from two people up to large groups.

I offer mediation in German and English. I also have a network of mediators with different language skills in case further languages are required. Just let me know if you need a specific language.